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One size does not fit all, each and every business is unique which gets a fresh approach when it comes to their marketing, and here's where we come and create the best strategies with high-value services.

Nextscene Media offers packages that'll help your company strategically achieve your marketing goals. Our goal is to supercharge your growth using our bespoke solutions that will help your company grow to it's fullest potential. Get a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your marketing roadmap, simply click on the button below!

Your One Stop Solution


Not getting enough sales and engagement? You may be missing quality video or photo assets. Video ads generate 2x as many clicks on average! 

Branded content is an essential part of marketing. You'll need compelling content to stand out among your competition. We're a leading video production house in Hong Kong that can help you. Click below to learn more 


Done-for-you Facebook / Google / Tiktok & YouTube Ads are our core revenue-generating service. At Nextscene Media, our mission is to turn your ad spend into profitable results. We live and breathe social media and are dedicated to creating targeted campaigns designed to drive and retarget traffic from new and existing customers.

We are constantly researching new strategies and identifying ways we can optimise your ads to deliver the best results possible, even after the iOS14 update. 



Building your online presence and getting your brand noticed with organic content is quite essential in today's digital world. Our team is a leading Hong Kong social media agency which can help you!

Every business, online or offline should have a social presence in order to engage with their customers and create brand awareness in their market. It is essential for any business to grow on social media!

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Getting a premium and digital website which is fully responsive and professional can attract more customers and opportunities. We help strategise your funnel automation and build around your brand. 

Not only do you get a modern website design, but you also get functions including SEO optimization, mobile-friendly design, UI & AI. 


We are also experts in Web3 marketing and are passionate thinkers who thrive on data necessary to succeed in Web3. For first-time collection starters as well as OGs who've been in the game for a while, Nextscene Media is here to ease your stress about growing your collection. 

From idea to launch and beyond, we are here to help you navigate the world of NFTs. 

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Grow your brand by letting SEO push your website higher up the ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs). Let your site show up in searches related to your products, services and projects, helping you to grow your business rapidly. 

Our SEO & SEM services are pandemic proof so let's explode your sales together!


Skyrocketing your YouTube channel with strategic marketing and building large communities of loyal and engaging audiences. 

We are here to help you leverage the power of social media and get your message shown to millions of potential audiences. If you're struggling to gain views, subscribers and people to watch your content, then message us today to discuss how we can help you. 

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