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Video Production Hong Kong / 製作公司

Create content that supercharges your marketing efforts

Not getting enough sales and engagement? You may be missing quality content for your brand. Video or photo is an essential part of marketing. You'll need compelling content to stand out among your competition. It's vitally important for any business to have branded content to boost their conversions and sales.

This is where Nextscene Media could help you!

Why are we best for your job?


We shot an ad for Nivea, we filmed a campaign for Sheraton Hotels and we have produced over 30+ videos for The Zubin Foundation. We have over 10 years of experience so don't worry, we got you covered!


We don't have multiple companies on our call sheets, since we boast a competent team of directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, drone operators, and more.


We work fast and efficient, instead of weeks waiting on hearing any updates, we give you your drafts within a matter of days after shooting. We always thrive to smash expectations!


Quality over quantity, It's best to say that we deliver nothing less than good quality work. We understand the importance of branding and our team makes sure it's top-notch.

Choco Up Promo Video

Maximise your ROI

We believe a successful piece of content requires adequate research & has to account for current online trends. Without proper preparation, a project might not achieve its goal.

Our first success story was with The Zubin Foundation where we
produced 30+ videos in creating short drama-like videos in educating young men & women about their careers. We supplied endless video concepts that captured a recent trend and made it entraining to watch. The videos performed well and increased engagement on Instagram and Facebook, with many people getting to know about the organisation which also boosted their awareness, all done organically. One of our other video projects with Nivea also gained 2+ million YouTube views respectively.

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